Wish You Were Here – Interactive sound installation

Wish You Were Here - Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here
collaborative sound installation

Colin Asquith, Terry Nauheim, Jennifer Schmidt

A site for interactivity and reception, “Wish You Were Here” is a collective soundscape of audio greeting cards meant to be experienced within the hands of participants through physical and aural sampling. Our sounds are of field recordings, fragmented and manipulated to reinterpret the conventional notion of a sentiment in the model of a greeting card. Recontextualizing recorded material within this format places limits–including time, compression, and availability–while initiating an accessible, portable, and participatory narrative.

Systems of exchange become evident through the selective re-authoring and re-playing of these sounds, quoting a theoretical giver and receiver. Through the opening and closing of cards on display, the gesture of a greeting becomes amplified, defining a space that is, at once, personal and public, intuitive and mechanical.


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